About Us

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For us Quality is just not merely a word it's our Mission

We are a provider of solitary precious stones such as Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds and variety of Semi-precious stones. We carry a large inventory of various shapes such as rounds, square, ovals, pears, marquise, princess cut, diamond cut, and even fancy shapes such as hearts. Be it small calibrated size or large carat stones, we can serve your needs efficiently and quickly at competitive prices. Natural Gemstones Company also provides designer high fashion Jewelry and a house of, genius precious gems with a keen eye for fashion trends by enviable craftsmanship. We believe each of the stones or jewels we choose has a unique story to tell, and this can be seen in our sculptured mount that holds them. The enormous choice of beautiful stones gives the Natural Gemstones designers great inspiration to create bold and beautiful Jewelry for our customers who seek an unending quest for beauty and elegance.

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Our objectives of Natural Gemstones Company

- Clear strong and instantly recognizable quality services & products to reflect our values
- Engage customers in everything we do to answer their needs
- Build consistency and trust
- Inspire loyalty and emotional attachment through the stories we tell.

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Products Services

-Supply from stock or by special order genuine & rare ,precious/semiprecious gemstones.
-Design bespoken Jewelry to any specific design supplied by customers using our Natural Gemstones.
-Manufacture Jewelry from a customer's image using our unique & rare Natural Gemstones.
-Repair, Replace and Polish customers own Jewelry or enhance with our exclusive Gemstones.